Spot dyeing and Stain Removal

Repair bleached carpet, get professional carpet stain removal and put colour back into carpet that has been damaged!

Between normal wear and tear, and household accidents – it’s inevitable that our carpets will need carpet dyeing or stain removal to keep looking their best. Buying and installing new carpet is a huge task and expensive to top it off. Many people don’t consider using carpet colour restoration, spot carpet dyeing or using a professional service to remove old stains from carpet – and they may end up paying far too much money for a replacement when a far simpler solution exists to keep their carpets looking fresh and beautiful for years to come.

Carpet stain removal

There are so many things in life that can cause damaged carpet and leave unwanted stains. Some of the most common ones include:

No matter the type of stain you’re dealing with, Restore Master will have a solution tailored just for you. While some stains may be deemed permanent and unable to be removed, this is where spot carpet dyeing or a full carpet restoration may come to the rescue.

Spot Carpet Dyeing

The process of spot dyeing carpet involves dyeing the discoloured or faded area of your carpet to match the rest of the undamaged carpet. There are many ways that carpets may become discoloured and these include: 

End of lease stain removal

If you’re renting and it’s time for an end of lease clean up, spot dyeing is a great way to ensure you get all of your rental bond back! When staining or discolouration of carpet occurs during your tenancy, it’s your responsibility to cover the cost of repair, and most of the time you may be asked to pay for a full carpet replacement – ouch! This huge expense can be drastically reduced by simply spot dyeing the affected section of carpet before the final inspection.

Commercial carpet cleaning, stain removal and carpet dyeing

Restore Master has a wealth of experience looking after corporate clients, and can work with businesses to keep their carpets clean, fresh and looking their absolute best. The types of commercial clients Restore Master works with includes: 

We can organise a time and service that suits your business, with after-hours options available to minimise the impact of our activity on your normal working hours.

Residential carpet cleaning, stain removal and carpet dyeing

Looking after our domestic clients is one of our greatest joys. We have built a business on giving great customer service and helping people – we live to make our customers happy. Our team members are always professional and respectful in the private homes of our customers.

We’re flexible when it comes to the days and times we perform services, and will work hard to find the best carpet stain removal or best carpet dyeing solution for every need. We know that our services save our residential clients thousands of dollars, and love putting a smile on their faces!

A full length carpet dyeing service is often considered by our homeowner clients for a refreshed look or interior decorating overhaul, and the results are always impressive.

Why choose us?

You may have been wondering “how can I find professional carpet dyeing near me?” or “what is the best product for carpet stain removal?”. The Restore Master team are absolute specialists at what they do in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Hunter, Central Coast and Maitland areas. We strive each day to deliver services that exceed the expectations of our clients, and have an open line of communication from the beginning to end of each job.

If you have a stain, blemish or some fading on your carpet, give the team at Restore Master a call today, or submit an enquiry – get your carpets looking brand new again!

We can fix any type of stains

We service hotels, motels, recreation centers, offices, concert halls, upscale buildings, strata, houses and more.

Spot Dyeing, Bleach & Stains Removal - A & A Spectrum Before
Spot Dyeing, Bleach & Stains Removal - A & A Spectrum After

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Customer Reviews

We aren’t biased, hear it from our happy and satisfied clients.

  • I cannot praise A&A Spectrum Dyeing Carpet and carpet cleaning service highly enough. I'm very, very, very happy with the outcome. My carpets were stained with dark marks and had 4 bleach stains from cat vomit. The carpet looked dreadful and embarrassing to have people over. Firstly I used the carpet cleaning service and Andy did a fabulous job. Then Rafael dyed the bleach stains and removed the darker stains. It looks a million dollars and looks like the carpet is brand new and just been laid. From me to you, use this service! You will be absolutely wowed with the result. Rafael is a lovely honest person and does a fabulous job. Thanks so very much!!!

    Renee Vester
  • Super solution for bleach spots! If you ruined your carpet this guys really can save it!

    Amanda H
  • The best cleaning for my leather lounge

    Kelly W
  • Rafael came out yesterday to clean my leather lounge great job thanks

    Jodie D
  • The best service for bleach spots repair. You’ll never get wrong

    Olesya R
  • Very efficient and honest, will definitely get these guys again

    Suzie M
  • Highly recommended, carpets come up like new!

    Mitchell S
  • Awesome job, carpets are like new. Highly recommended!!

    Dale M
  • Done an awesome job highly recommend would definitely use again

    Kelly C
  • Rafael did such a fantastic job cleaning our carpet!! The difference was amazing. He was quick and affordable.

    Chrissie M
  • Amazing job and lovely guys. I no longer need to replace my couch because it looks new again!

    Janaya L
  • I would recommend Restore Master for your leather to be bought back to life like my lounge.

    Janice L
  • Excellent service and got the tough stains out of our carpet , thanks for the great job Raphael

    Lukey L
  • Love my old lounge now more than ever..Spectacular job. Thank you to A&A Spectrum...

    Stacey E
  • Quality and efficient service. My leather lounge looks brand new again. Amazing results. This company is highly recommended.

    Ellenor K
  • Excellent arrived on time and did a great job my leather lounge is like brand new !

    Vikki B
  • Rafael did an amazing job on our carpets, all stains gone! Highly recommend

    Julie R
  • Very good service and the carpets came up better than I imagined. Very happy highly recommend

    Victoria P
  • Mina did an amazing job cleaning my white leather lounge. It looks brand new

    Natalie E
  • They did amazing job with my leather lounges! It’s like brand new again! Scratches gon and colour bright, really looks better then we just bought it! I already booked my sister lounges with them. Amazing service and results.

    Tracey C
  • My leather lounge looks great! I'll call soon for carpets Great job 👍

    Olga B
  • Absolutely amazing...great and professional service, takes pride in his work....has your carpets looking like new and those pest well they meet there match.....

    Michael C
  • Raph is the BEST!! I had a dirty old carpet that he brought back from the dead.

    Steve R
  • Very good Job. My longe is like brand new now. He comes on time to do the job and he was very friendly.

    Ciro A
  • Great job guys 👍 You are the best

    Ricky R
  • Great service and excellent results before and after job. Good equipments and good experience of work. Deserve 5 stars rating.

    Kamran P
  • Rafael did amazing job on my White leather lounge, looks like new again , very nice man . The only trouble is I need my other lounges clean , money well worth spending. Thank you

    Kim F
  • Best improvement! Rafael was lovely to communicate with and I can’t believe the transformation on my leather lounge! Can not recommend this company enough. It looks brand new! Being a white leather lounge it’s seen better days, I was hoping it would come up a little better after a clean, but I could not ever imaged how well it turned out after Rafael’s magic! Thank you!

    Sarah B
  • Mina did amazing job, our carpet look so clean and fresh. Thank you very much.

    Oxana S
  • Rafael just came and cleaned my tired, stained, watermarked lounge. I had it cleaned previously by someone else who blamed the inability to get all the marks out on the fabric of the sofa. After Rafael's magic touch (chemical free), my cream, fabric sofa looks like new again. He arrived on time, is friendly and worked efficiently. Highly recommend his services. Thank you!

    Leanne K
  • A great job. Many stains, all gone. Professional and great service. Highly recommend

    Bronwyn C
  • Excellent services highly recommend them

    Abs A